Innovator, Trailblazer, taboo breaker…

As the first ever female concertmaster of a major Austrian orchestra, her path as an internationally acclaimed soloist, chamber musician and orchestra leader began. The perpetual  challenge of conveying  the music to the listener in the most authentic way possible, of setting the quest for sound as her highest aim, to serve as instrument to the music and the composer in every moment, even transcending norms and traditions to do so – all this brings her an ever tempestuous but all the more diverse professional life.








9may - 11junmay 900:00jun 11Beethoven "Pastorale"Orquesta Euskadi - Birgit Kolar

20may - 26may 2000:00may 26Event CancelledAlban Berg violin concertoMexico, May 2018

2jul - 8jul 200:00jul 8Murcia Arts FestivalChamber Music, Master Classes

11jul - 25jul 1100:00jul 25SAOS Orchestra AcademyMaster Classes

27jul - 26augjul 2715:00aug 26Salzburg Festival"Die Zauberflöte", Salzburger Orchestersolisten