…On responsibility, hope and new energies!

…On responsibility, hope and new energies!

A week ago, I was invited by JONDE, the Spanish national youth orchestra, to coach and look after the first violins for two concerts. For three days, I spent a very special time with wonderful young people, which touched me deeply and caused me to reflect on many things.

These three days made me clearly recognize a new generation of musicians. A new generation that is prepared to let go of old patterns like competition, jealousy and power, and wholeheartedly embrace their inner calling, their love of music.

This expressed itself not only in the irrepressible desire to make music together at the highest level, but also and especially in the interaction with one another. This group was carried by a love, an understanding and reciprocal support, joy in each other, as I have never experienced before with such intensity.

The musical result was in accordance!

These are the new energies we so desperately need; this is the hope that I have for the future of music and future generations of musicians!

But now who bears the responsibility for making it possible? Doesn’t one hear over and over that the next generation is responsible for making the world a better place? It is supposed to be the task of the youth. W e put all our faith in the youth.

I agree with this only up to a certain point.

I believe that we, the preceding generation, bear the biggest portion of the responsibility! We are the ones who have to create a sphere for each new generation to be able to further evolve and heighten the energies with which these people are already equipped when coming into this world.

It should not happen that we simply pass on unfiltered, unchanged, everything we had to go through to these “new humans”, thereby pulling them into our “old frequencies”, so that they have to go through the same kind of negative experiences, which we should have transformed into positives within our personal development processes a long time ago.

In my opinion, the wide-spread disappointment in the youth has a lot to do with the fact that many of us “older ones” reject a truthful self-examination, refuse to confront our own traumas and think that it is the next generation’s job to solve these. Part of the much-discussed generation gap…

Life is an exchange. If we give the next generation the basis, the faith, the recognition and the belief in itself to create a new humanity, the young people will turn to us in gratitude, because they then have the possibility to respectfully bow before all preceding generations, who took it upon themselves to endure terrible conflicts, forgive one another and thus heighten their energy one step at a time.

These young people whom I had the privilege of meeting, have managed this. And I know that they will always carry this shared experience in their hearts, and open new and even greater gateways of light for their children!

(translated by Maja Plüddemann)